• Heather Turner
    Heather TurnerMaster Stylist and Co-Owner

    11Heather Turner Welcomes you to The Anchor Salon. Her dream was to create a space where customer service is parallel with the high-end hair services she is use to providing to her loyal clientele. Heather’s loving, warm and welcoming personality shines thru in the moment you step into The Anchor Salon, where we pride ourselves on serving you. Having over 10 years of experience and training in the Hairstyling industry she has tried her hand at the many outlets being a hairstylist has to offer. She has worked on film, TV, and print as a celebrity stylist and spent many years sharing her vast knowledge in training other hairstylist as an educator. “I’ve spent years drifting around in my industry and now its time I set MY anchor down here at home on the Jersey Shore. I am honored to share this place I put my heart and soul into. We have built The Anchor Salon just for you and I can’t wait to share it with you!”

  • Jenna

    Jenna is a highly talented and creative stylist who has been practicing for four years. She approaches fashion and style with an open mind for learning and is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the industry. Jenna is passionate about her craft and imagines the salon as a place of shared creativity between her and her client. She strives to create an experience that inspires confidence and trust through in-depth consultation and active listening. As a client in Jenna’s chair, you will receive the customer service you expect and the person attention that you deserve.

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